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Zino Meuli

I started boxing as a young teenager at the age of 13. I became addicted to boxing after my first training and could not imagine anything else. So it came that after 6 months of intensive training as a young amateur boxer I was allowed to take part in my first serious fight. This was rather unusual, since my club colleagues at that time trained on average for 1.5 years before they got into the ring for the first time. Well then, my first serious fight was a complete success and after three intensive rounds I was proclaimed by the Ringspeaker as the unanimous winner on points - my eyes shone with happiness and from that point on I knew that I still wanted to achieve something.


Today, 10 years later, I fought 72 amateur fights, I am 5 times Swiss Olympic boxing champion, I have been on the podium at countless international tournaments and I am an undefeated neo-pro with five professional fights won, three of them by knockout.


On this way to the national top and beyond, I learned in countless moments to always stay on the ball and to get up again and again after a setback to come back stronger. For me boxing is much more than just a martial art - boxing is a school of life! What fascinates me about this sport is the intensive getting to know your own body and its limits, the combination of tactics, technique, mental work, speed, coordination and strength.


As I am as eager for knowledge as a boxing fanatic, in addition to boxing and my job as a communications officer at the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, I am studying business administration with a specialisation in general management at the higher vocational school for business in St. Gallen. As with boxing, I always keep my professional and academic goals in mind and pursue them with consistency and discipline.


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