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  • Maya Wyoming

Maya Wyoming (Milenkovic)

I, Maja Milenkovic, grew up in a small town called Lazarevac in Serbia. My parents gave me my love for sport: My father boxed himself and my mother was a member of the national athletics team.


I discovered my love of sports at a young age. My first contact with martial arts began at the age of twelve when I started karate training. Another sport in my youth was dancing in a folklore group. After an excursion into swimming, I decided to return to martial arts and started kickboxing at the age of 18. This was triggered by the Rocky films I watched with my father.


Besides sport, school and education were very important to me. After finishing school (in the natural sciences) I decided to become a teacher. I successfully completed my studies at the University of Belgrade in 2015.


As a kickboxer I fought 24 amateur matches in Serbia and participated three times in the Serbian and European championships. The highlight of kickboxing was winning the silver medal at the Serbian Championships in 2014.


My then coach Branko Dimic (Olympic silver medal winner) encouraged me to switch to boxing because he saw my greatest potential here. At the end of 2014 I moved to the boxing profile manager and took part in my first boxing match in December 2014.


As a professional boxer, I chose the alias name Maja Wyoming. Reason for this is my love for cowboy movies and cowboy outfits, especially hats. Wyoming is known for the Indians' defensive struggle against the white Neusiedler, which impressed me very much as a child.


To date I have fought a total of 15 fights. The highlight was winning the WIBF (Lightweight) title in October 2016, and boxing also has its downsides. But boxing - and that's why I love this sport - has made me strong, both physically and psychologically.


In the meantime I have changed my weight class. From 2018 I will fight in the category Super-Bantam (up to 55.2 kg). I want to win the hearts of the spectators with my fights and become the world's best boxer in Super Bantam. For this I sacrifice all my time and energy.


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