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  • Franziska Faller

Franziska Faller

It all started with my mother's words: "You're going to start boxing on Monday and knock that Israeli out sometime!"

Until this 30.11.2007 we had nothing to do with boxing. But my favourite artist Doro Pesch forced me to sit in front of the TV when Regina Halmich fought her last fight against the Israeli Hagar Finer and my mother thought that I should return the unsportsmanlike behaviour of the Israeli in a few years...


A few days later I was actually in a boxing gym and was fascinated: by the training and later by the feeling of facing another boxer during the first sparring - the adrenaline rushing through the body while moving around the other and not knowing what to expect in the next moment. 1 against 1 - each on his own!


After some amateur fights I came through a friend into the professional camp and soon had my first fight! Who would have thought that... Because actually I come from cycling and have also played tennis for a long time and a simple joke of my mother became serious. She was fully involved from that day on and even made her license a judge.


Besides the sport I completed my professional training as a retail saleswoman at Europe #1 in the technology trade - MediaMarkt. For professional reasons I moved to Nuremberg, Bavaria after successfully completing my training - where I tried to regain a foothold in sport. Unfortunately the support there was neither private nor professional, so I decided to take a break, because after 2 years there I returned to my home country Austria. A long break in which I have grown and in which a lot has changed! Away from the bad environment, away from the learned profession - everything at the beginning! Much has changed, I am now working as a fitness trainer and love has taken me to Wuppertal (NRW) - Only my love for boxing has never completely left me and I know that today I would do many things quite differently than I did then - and together with my new team and the support from my private environment we can achieve a lot!


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